Hyrespressen nr 2-3. okt. 2013

Intressant information kring ombyggnader men även en artikel om Sabbatsberg 22

Hyrespressen nr 2-3. okt. 2013


Det här inlägget postades i Sabbatsberg 22. Bokmärk permalänken.

En kommentar till Hyrespressen nr 2-3. okt. 2013

  1. Scott skriver:

    Could AFA’s VD be inventor of ”neglect and wreck” building management. Thats a business model for greedy dentists not a union owned company controled by a political party. This will be a political issue to deal with this year. AFA is responsible and should be held accountable for their actions. View ”Röster från Torsgränd” 10 minuite version on YouTube and get an idea of whats really going on. If AFA gets away with this trick it will become praxis in Sweden and hundreds more buildings will be destroyed on false grounds. This will send scores of long term residents to the streetd. We need your support.


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